Five Teaching Jobs to Consider If You Don’t Have a Teaching Degree

If you want a teaching job but you don't have a teaching degree, it may be time to go back to school to get the necessary certifications. In the meantime, however, there may be some jobs that you can do in a school or related to education that don't require a teaching degree. Here are some of the posts you may want to consider applying for:

1. Teaching Aid

A teaching aid helps a teacher. These professionals do everything from grading papers to organising classroom supplies to helping struggling students. If you like the work, you may even want to get a degree in special education, rather than just generic teaching. In that case, you can apply to be a special needs teacher for kids with learning disabilities or with gifted kids.

2. Substitute Teacher

In some cases, schools are willing to hire substitute teachers without teaching degrees. Typically, this depends on the demand for substitute teachers in the area in relation to applicants with degrees. For instance, if you live in an area where there are a lot of people with teaching degrees, the substitute teaching jobs are likely to go to those individuals. However, if there is a shortage of teachers, schools may be willing to hire substitute teachers with general bachelor's degrees.

3. Tutor

If you can't get a teaching job at a school without a teaching license, it may be time to think outside the box. How about applying for tutoring jobs? There are often instructor positions at private tutoring clinics, and these posts may just require a bachelor's or master's degree in the subject you are tutoring. If you like, there are also tutoring facilities that offer test prep services, and again, to land those jobs, you often don't need a teaching degree either. Finally, you can always start your own tutoring service and put up ads advertising tutoring for students in all kinds of subjects including specialities such as art or music instruction.

4. Corporate Training

Remember, teaching jobs don't just have to focus on students. Many corporations are willing to hire teachers for a range of classes. At a busy corporate office, you could teach anything from group yoga classes to seminars on how to sell things to safety training classes. Some corporations even hire editors and writing teachers to help guide entrepreneurs through writing corporate documents ranging from white papers to sales materials. If you like to write and want to share that skill with others, you may want to think about doing a teaching job like that.

5. Community Classes

Finally, many community and recreational centres are often in need of teachers for a range of classes. Depending on your skills, you could teach anything from tai chi to surfing to how to do your taxes.  If you have a special skill, many centres may even be willing to add a class just for you. Call a centre today to pitch a origami class, a baby sign language course, or whatever you want to teach.