Why You Should Consider Confined Space Training

If you have workers that will be working for an extended period of time in a confined space, they might need to go through training first. This is going to keep it safe for the workers and others in the same area, while giving you more peace of mind. Here are some things to expect from this type of training.

When Confined Space Training is Needed

You might first want to know when this type of training is relevant for your workers. A confined space is any small space this is large enough for your workers to access and complete work, but has a limited area for entering and exiting that space. As opposed to working out on a regular construction site, one of your labour workers might be doing construction inside an elevator shaft or in a narrow and deep trench; these are confined spaces that require certain skills and knowledge to conduct the work safely and effectively.

Workers Learn the Equipment Needed

The first reason your workers should go through confined space training is because it helps them understand what tools and equipment are needed for entering and exiting the space safely. This might include using various types of ladders, using proper lighting equipment in dark spaces, and making sure to have tools for ventilation, testing, and monitoring. The workers might also need to know how to use retrieval devices to get out of the space, which is true of the workers in the space and those outside who are there to make sure they exit safely. Workers should know how to use their straps, harnesses, and other safety equipment as well.

They Know How to Handle Accidents

No matter how careful someone is, accidents still happen, and the workers need to know how to deal with them properly. This is a big part of confined space training, so that the accident doesn't turn into a more disastrous situation. Workers will learn how to be aware of potential hazards, then they learn what to do if there is an accident that leads to an injury. They should have certain procedures for taking care of the worker and giving notice to the supervisor that they need to exit the space as soon as possible.

Workers Can Identify Hazards

Of course confined space training also goes over all the potential hazards of a certain confined space. Your workers will know how to look for the potential hazards and know how to avoid accidents as much as possible. This might include anything from lack of oxygen to rocks and rubble falling while entering or exiting the space.